Repair and Servicing




 Here at Domain Communications we have the ability to repair a vast range of Two-way radio's inc:

  • Motorola
  • Hytera
  • Icom
  •  Digital
  • Analogue

All our repairs are quoted as a fixed price.  we will always inform you of cost in advance. This fixed price will include all parts, labour and return delivery

all our repairs are carried out by a trained experienced engineer in our repair facility.




We currently offer a comprehensive service package tailored for all radio fleet sizes and models


servicing your radios has numerous benefits incl:

  • increase longevity
  • improve quality and audio clarity
  • identify any problems and reduce potential repair costs
  • firmware upgrade


Servicing package includes:

  • visual inspection of unit
  • functionality chek/fault diagnosis
  • technical check of effective radiated power (watts)
  • identification of faulty or broken parts
  • programming as necessary
  • diassemble and thorough clean
  • re-assemble and functionality check
  • firmware upgrade
  • reccomendations of parts,repair or renewal as necessary



          please contact us if you have any questions or require a free no obligation quote

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